Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I got home late last night after a hellishly long day. I had thought I'd get a good night's rest (finally!) while I was gone, since I didn't have to wake up and care for a crying baby... but, I ended up getting sick instead (I think I ate something that didn't agree with me) and was up late trying to calm down an upset stomach and get a few hours of sleep before waking up for an early morning client meeting (meeting started at 8am, Central Time. yipppeeee!)

Luckily, it was a short trip -- one all day meeting and then I was back on a plane home. I got held up at security because the gal behind the x-ray monitor had no idea how to handle me. A woman. Traveling with breast milk. But no baby. WHAT TO DO! She had to call her supervisor to "check me out" because she didn't know what the protocol was. I opened up my little cooler, showed him the bottles and ice pack, explaining it really WAS breast milk.

I almost offered to let him taste it. Almost.

As it turns out, what was most perplexing to them was not the milk, but the ice pack.... he examined it closely (hey man, it's completely sealed and I've got it to keep the milk cold, see how that works??) before he finally let me go with a grumble.

Do working moms never travel or something? JEEZ.

The trip, tho short, was tough on my back. They are starting to pack the planes more and more tightly these days. It looked like a can of sardines from my vantage point at the back of the plane (standing, stretching my back, and receiving the EVIL EYE from the Nazi Stewardess - I mean Flight Attendant - who wasn't happy I was standing when the SEAT BELT SIGN WAS STILL ON).

But, four or so hours later, we finally landed and I was never happier. When I opened the front door to our home, I was greeted by a tired Daddy (he's still sick unfortunately) and a cute chubby smiley baby. It was 9:30pm, and normally by that time, I would be BEGGING Logan to finally fall asleep, but last night I was so happy he was still awake so I could spend a few minutes with him before he went to bed. :)

I know I was only gone for two days, but it seriously seemed like he put on an extra 5 lbs while I was gone. I guess I finally noticed his super chubby cheeks for the first time. ;-) We played and hung out and I fed him and rocked him to sleep. Put him to bed, did a little unpacking, and crashed myself. Glad to be home.

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