Saturday, November 8, 2014

Big Hero 6!

You'd never guess that silly boy on the right was puking his guts out earlier this morning. :(

The boys have been looking forward to seeing this movie for awhile, so we waited to make sure Callum was feeling better (I think he was extra nauseous this morning because he didn't eat much of a dinner last night) and then headed over.

Now he's asking for a Sprite and hot dog. Oy. Wish us luck. ;-)


orangela said...

How did they do with the themes of death and mourning? We heard a lot of parents in our theater caught off guard by certain moments...I don't think the trailers warn of this kind of content.

Mama Bree said...

They handled it surprisingly well! One of the trailers (I don't think it was a common one on TV but Callum and I watched all the ones online several times leading up to the release), implied one of the deaths so I wasn't caught off guard. The boys were sad but not upset. Overall, they really loved the movie and didn't have any negative reactions (even to the bad guy, which I was surprised about). We talked a fair amount about the end of the movie (don't want to give anything away) afterward since they had some questions about that "death", but it was more curiousity and seeking to understand vs being upset by it. (It helped that Disney smoothed it over quite nicely with a positive ending) ;-)