Sunday, November 16, 2014

I got second place!

After packaging up my cookies this morning, I showed Jon the final result and asked what he thought. He said they looked great but didn't think I'd win. (he said that with lots of love, he knows how crazy the gals are that go to this party!) ;-)

So imagine my surprise when I placed second for best presentation!! Cherry (pictured with me as we showed off some adorable ornaments from our prize bags) put together an amazing set of gift bags herself. She and I tied at first - we laughed because we both voted for the other one! :)

(I think my little touch of creating a QR code to scan in the recipe was a hit - heehee!)

So, everyone voted again, this time just between Cherry's and mine, and she won first and I got second. Her's was so well deserved and I was just happy to get a little recognition for my hard work! :)

We all had a really fun time chatting and sharing stories and snacking all afternoon - I think we all agree going to these Cookie Exchange parties is a lot of work, but they really end up being so much fun! Jenn also makes a great hostess which always helps.

Can't wait for next year's! :)

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