Friday, November 28, 2014

Dressing Change

Since we've now been here a week, that means we also have to do a dressing change and pull out his needle and re access him with a new one. :( That's the only bummer part of the port, but thankfully doesn't happen often since we rarely run into this situation where we've got it accessed for more than a week.

I thought we'd try to "soak" the adhesive on his chest with some of the adhesive remover cloths, so the actual removal wouldn't be as painful. And I also thought he might like to help me. You can see it still wasn't pain free, as evidenced by that big ol' tear sitting on his cheek. But overall I think the dressing change and new poke went pretty well (our nurse was also SUPER patient and took her time which helped him quite a bit).

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Diana Monahan said...

He's definitely a champ!! (((Hugs)))