Sunday, November 16, 2014

Little reminders

So, I've been planning and prepping for Logan's party little by little in the background (now that the Cookie Exchange party is behind me, I can get into birthday party mode full time!).

While writing out his bajillion invitations, it occurred to me that we are about to open our home to a bajillion germy kids!


A year ago, I didn't think anything of it (I just took a deep breath and accepted my house would be full of hyped up boys bouncing off the walls bat shit crazy for a few hours).

But this time is different.

Suddenly a bajillion (that's my word for the day) questions started flitting around in my head. How did I not think about this ahead of time??? Can we even do this? Am I being an idiot? Do all the kids (and their parents) who we want to invite, even know about Callum's cancer? Should I limit who we invite? Will Logan understand?


As it happened, I got a text from one of the moms at Callum's school, about her son who was going to get the flu mist spray on Friday - which is a real bummer since it means he can't go to school now for 2 weeks. :( There were a couple of things happening at his school this week that I still wanted to do (like school pictures), so I called our nurse to discuss our options.

While talking about that (she is supportive of him getting his pictures taken - yay!), I brought up Logan's birthday party.

Am I a complete idiot for inviting 15-20 kids into our home? Into Callum's home?

She said no, but suggested I add in a personal note to the invitations, mentioning hand washing and no coughs/colds allowed, etc.

While I think it's common sense that you don't send your kid to a party when he/she is sick, a sniffle or cough wouldn't hold up most families. And, it's not something most moms really think about actively writing, printing, and adding to an invitation card either! Yet, here I am, creating personal "Read me" cards.

Once again, I'm reminded that we're not really back to (our old) normal.

This is now our (new) normal.

On the upside, I think I'm getting better at saying "We'd like to see you, but not while you're sick. Let's touch base in a couple of weeks." :)

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