Thursday, November 27, 2014

Excitedly waiting

Our room overlooks the circular driveway/entrance to the hospital, so we have a good view of all visitors.

Unfortunately, our plans to have Jon and Logan come up and join us for a small Thanksgiving family dinner in our room were spoiled, as Jon has caught a cold (and anyone sick isn't allowed onto the oncology unit).

So, we had a couple of other visitors today instead. My mom and Kai brought us some food earlier - they also could not come to our room due to a cough, so we talked on the phone and waved to them through this window. The food was delicious and we scarfed it down right away!

Then later in the afternoon Jill, her sister Beth, and Trent came up to visit. They stayed for awhile which was really nice. I had thought the boys would play more together (this is who Callum was eagerly waiting to see through the windows), but they mostly just hung out watching TV. ;-)

Regardless, it was really nice and we've enjoyed the cheer they brought to us for the day!!

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