Monday, July 10, 2017

Master Chefs in training

The boys went to their first cooking class (of a week long camp) today! Callum moaned this morning, insisting he only wanted to learn how to bake but did NOT want to learn how to cook.

A few friends in the neighborhood are taking the class alongside the boys, so I'm sharing carpool duties with the other moms. I didn't drop them off in the morning, but the other mom still got a sweet pic of the kids before class, and sent me a snapshot of the menu planned this week! I'd like to go to cooking classes too, dang it!! :)

When I came to pick them up in the afternoon, they were sooooo excited to see me and share with me what they had made for the day, making me try bites of everything. Logan is now excited to cook for us at home, which is fun to see.

We had Callum's monthly visit to his oncology team after the cooking class, so we grabbed a quick slice of pizza next door to the cooking class store (Sur La Table), where the boys gave me 4 thumbs up for their cooking camp rating. Callum admitted he was wrong earlier and declared he now loves cooking class. ;-)

In other news, Callum continues to do well from a health standpoint. His ANC is exactly where they'd like to see it (3816 today) and he continues to do well (following his same trajectory) on the growth chart. Yay! :)

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