Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sick kiddos

I'm laying here, getting slobbered on and sweated on, while my feverish congested kiddo takes a nap.

He has been fine these last few days (while Logan has been down for the count), but then spiked a(nother, he had one last week) fever late last night around midnight. And has been fighting congestion and fevers since, poor guy. :(

So, both boys stayed home today (luckily, Logan has been feeling MUCH better) and even nicer for me, Jon stayed home too to help out (especially nice since I had a few appointments to get to today!).

The sad news is we are missing the Bay Area's Make-A-Wish 8,000th Wish Celebration (movie and dinner) tonight, which we had plans to go see! Bummer. :(

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