Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paddington Station

This morning we headed over to Paddington Station, to catch our train out to Oxford!

Callum woke up ridiculously early (about 4:30am) and never really fell back to sleep. So I was completely exhausted since I was half awake with him. Logan woke up around 7am (I think?) and asked to join us in bed because we looked so comfy and proceeded to pass out (so I think moved Callum and I downstairs so we wouldn't wake Logan and Jon). Phew!!

Still, we made it to our train just fine and boarded an extremely crowded car, where we had to split up just to grab seats (and anyone after us was standing only!). I thought oh man this is going to be one very long hour ride, but thankfully a lot of people got off at the first stop, so we were able to grab 4 seats together and enjoy the rest of the ride as a family. :)

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