Thursday, July 6, 2017

Changing of the Guards

Today was our last big day to sightsee. I arranged a private tour guide to take us around town and check out the sights thru the private "back door" entrances where possible.

Gary arrived at our flat at 9am - we drove into central London where he stopped us at a really tasty traditional spot for a British breakfast. The boys were still only half awake and ridiculously grumpy (which I was SO embarrassed about!! Poor Gary!!), but luckily perked up a bit after they got some food in them.

Our first stop was a (very fast) walk over to see the Changing of the Guards - it was super cool!! And all along the way, Gary was telling us about the city's amazing history and fun facts left and right as we passed building and walls and what not throughout. He was a WEALTH of knowledge and while I'm not sure the kids appreciated it as much, Jon and I loved it! :)

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