Wednesday, March 19, 2014


We got the all clear and are packing up!! I can't quite believe it.

Callum had his Day 4 chemotherapy today and did very well, without any reactions or issues. His lab work from the early morning (4am) plus his lab work from this afternoon (4pm) all looked terrific!! :)

We've spent most of today meeting with the nurses to continue our training on home care, our social worker, our case worker, and of course our doctors. This is a pic of Jon flushing Callum's PICC line (I also got to practice flushing his line as well). We come back on Friday for a follow up and more lab work.

The strange red and white thing on his face is one of those instant heat packs. It turns out Callum's sore "cheeks" wasn't due to mucositis after all. His doctors think he's experiencing jaw bone aches and pains - a common side effect to the vincristine (which he had on Monday). This helps explain why all he wanted me to do was compress his cheeks for him (which seemed bizarre to me if he had sores inside his mouth but makes more sense if it's aching and the pressure helps).

His pain had continued to escalate through the night and this morning - so in addition to several bags full of meds and equipment we were already going home with, we now also have some stronger than Tylenol pain medication that we can give him for things like this (that unfortunately, will crop up as we go along).

We gave him the good news a few minutes ago, when he woke from his nap. He immediately bounced into a good mood and is excited to go home (after confirming it would be with us) and see his big brother. :)

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