Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fearing the common cold

Well, our unbelievably rotten luck continues.  Logan caught a head cold sometime yesterday and started coughing last night.  Grrrreat!  Just what we need with an immunocompromised kiddo in the house!  :(

So, we had the boys sleep in separate rooms last night and have tried to keep the contact between the two today, at a minimum.  It's super tough though, since the boys so desperately love spending time together (and NEXT to each other, breathing down each others' necks, literally!).

Thankfully, Logan has been absolutely AWESOME at wearing a mask, without any complaints, ALL DAY today (he did get a break when he went to golf practice with Jon and Paul in the morning).

And, he's also doing a great job at washing his hands well (while counting to 60!), which the doctors say is the most important thing to do to help minimize any sort of exposure to viruses.

Meanwhile, Callum has had a pretty decent day today.  He continues to have waves of nausea which we're trying to keep at bay by medicating him proactively and spacing his normal meds out farther apart (and so we don't have the same thing like last night where he throws most of it up and we have to dose him again - not fun for any of us).

When he's not nauseous, he has had a ginormous appetite - basically, our day has been filled with medicating or feeding our little kid.  At one point, he decided he NEEDED a hot dog.  I said we didn't have any and perhaps we could get him one tomorrow.  He said but Daddy can just go to the store and get one!  (and, Jon actually did)

It's like living with a crazy hormonal pregnant woman with random cravings.  :)  The nurses did warn us that the steroids would do this to him, but it's just so bizarre to be in the middle of it all.

We've had a couple folks drop care packages off tonight which has been quite lovely.  Otherwise, we've spent the day running chores, getting mounds of laundry done, installing new furniture in the guest room (for our semi-permanent guests!), and taking care of a few things with our cars.

I also had grand plans to bake a banana bread today but alas, lost track of time.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll get to it.  We'll see.  :)

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Cat Shipman said...

Logan is such a great big brother!