Thursday, March 20, 2014

Now THAT'S a medicine cabinet!

We might even be able to say we're stocking a small pharmacy in our house now.  ;-)

Paul spent most of the day shopping for, and then assembling, a medicine cabinet in our laundry room so I wouldn't go crazy with all of the medical supplies mounting on our dining table and kitchen counter top.  It's crazy how much we are stocked with, and this is only a couple of weeks' worth of supplies and meds!!  :(

Today has been fantastic. It's surreal to be home.  We've taken care of a lot of random errands we've been putting off (like paying bills, filing taxes and signing Logan up for summer camp!).  I've also been in crazy organizer mode - as much as I can between the little squeals from our little one.

Overall, Callum is in amazing spirits.  It's SO COOL to see a little of his old self back.  He had some trouble in the morning - I finally pinned it down to nausea, so I gave him some anti-nausea medication and the rest of the day he's been lovely.  He's eating and drinking well, playing, talking, and wanting to help around the house.  :)

Logan is in MUCH better spirits as well. He's happy that we're a complete family again and he's extra happy to have his pal Callum around.  The first thing he asked when he walked in the door after school today was, "Is Callum here?".  The two of them have been like peas in a pod, playing and talking and laughing together most of the evening.

I'm gearing up to administer Callum's evening meds - which he (and I) hates.  But he didn't nap today so I suspect he'll go to bed reasonably early tonight and I still need to get them in him.

Tomorrow morning is our follow up appointment and more lab work.  'Tis our new life....

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