Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg Hunting!

I brought out all of our Easter stuff this morning because Logan needed a basket for his egg hunt at school today. Callum was *very* interested in all of the eggs and baskets out on the table and begged to hunt for some eggs.

How could I resist?!?

Plus, it turned out to be a fantastic way to get him outside to soak up some sunshine and exercise a bit! (All the squatting up and down to pick up eggs and walk around actually was quite a bit for the little guy, but he's been loving it!!)

His little belly is noticeable smaller today too! (You can't tell from the pic so just trust me on it)

We've been at this for about an hour and a half (after about an hour outside he took the hunt inside).

Of course, now I can't get him to stop long enough to eat lunch! Ha!!

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