Thursday, April 3, 2014

Callumism under steroids

Even when Callum is not eating, he's thinking about food.

Every night, when he wakes up (several times) to go potty, he makes a point to talk to Jon about what he wishes he could be eating right now, or what he'd like to make sure Daddy will prepare for him the following morning once the sun is up.  :)

We've gotten used to these bizarre conversations, but today's topped the cake, I think.

While hanging out on the couch, watching a movie this afternoon, Callum turns to me and says:

Mommy, let's play a game.

Ok, what kind of game would you like to play?

Let's play - guess what you're going to eat.

Ummm, ok.  How about my grape juice?

Nope, that's not it Mommy.  Guess again.

Uhhh, my soup?

No, Mommy.  I want you to try some (pita) chips with beans.  They are very yummy.


Elizabeth said...

I thought this game was going to end with mac and cheese!

Mama Bree said...

That would have been a much better guess Elizabeth! But, at that moment in time, his mind was stuck on another of his fave snacks! :)