Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hanging out

Each one of these admissions is mostly just a lot of waiting on my and Callum's part.

The methotrexate (chemo) is given over a 24 hour period (we'll be done about 3:30pm this afternoon), and then a ton of fluids over the next day or two to flush it out right after. They'll start drawing labs at regular intervals to test the methotrexate levels in his system. Once it is flushed out and at a low enough level, we'll be discharged. They actively watch the base and acidity levels of his urine too, since this particular chemo is really tough on the kidneys.

So far, we've spent the day watching TV, playing games on the iPad, making more silly faces with the sticker sets Kim got him (thanks Kim!), and taking a walk around the floor to explore, where we found an arts and crafts playroom and puzzles to work on (with another older patient who was super nice to little Callum).

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