Monday, April 28, 2014

Our first ambulance ride!

Not to worry, this wasn't an emergency. Each time we have an admission, as a part of Consolidation, we'll go to Stanford first for Callum's lumbar puncture where he'll get chemo into his spinal fluid. Then once he's recovered, we head via ambulance, to a nearby hospital in Mountain View, to stay for the week (and receive the rest of his high dose chemo). This is purely logistics related since this hospital is bigger and has more rooms available for non-critical patients like us. :)

The ambulance was pretty fancy, with a movie playing and all. Callum didn't seem too impressed, I think he was a tad nervous about the whole thing. But warmed up once the paramedics put on the movie. ;-)

Now we're settled into our new "home" for the next few days and waiting on lunch and the start of his chemo. So far, so good.

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