Thursday, April 24, 2014

Marathon Day

Jeez. What another crazy day!

Callum stayed up til midnight last night - I gave him one more snack before we decided to call it a night. He didn't sleep in too late, but he was in a great mood and didn't start asking for food until after a few hours! I was SURE he would be asking to eat breakfast the minute he woke up, but he proved me wrong.

In fact, 10am rolled around, which is when we had to stop any "clear solids" like jello or popsicles - I offered both several times but he refused. He did want juice though. So, I explained that was it, no more food until after we saw his doctors. And he seemed to be ok with that!

He continued to drink apple juice until noon when I then had to cut him off that as well. Amazingly, he didn't ask for any extra after that either! I was seriously in disbelief.

I did a number of things to keep him distracted all morning which helped. We had a couple of screaming tantrums but for the most part, it all worked. So I decided to keep running with my luck at home vs. heading into the hospital early to hang out in the room Carly had booked for us.

Here is Callum showing off the two lumens to his PICC line. Since we knew the doctors would be taking it out today, we wanted a final snapshot. Woo!

Callum planting and then watering our two pots of veggies (Callum's is of tomatoes and Logan's is of carrots) - this was all a part of my various distractions this morning and it seemed to work well!

This one was taken after Callum had woken up in recovery this evening. He gobbled down two bags of his favorite Cheez-Its in a matter of minutes. ;-)

So after a lengthy morning, my Dad and I headed up to the hospital for Callum's surgery. We got there with plenty of time to check in for our 1:40pm appointment. A nurse took us back to take vitals and have us wait in a small exam room. Jon soon joined us about 2:30pm. The nurse reviewed our paperwork and mentioned the anesthesiologist's name assigned to our case - which happened to be the name of the guy we saw on Monday and who Jon, nor I, were really impressed with.

Yesterday when I had met with another anesthesiologist to examine Callum's cough, she had given me the name of a different doctor assigned to our case which I was happy about (especially since Carly later confirmed she was a great doctor to have on our side).

Soooo, I opened my big mouth and told the nurse I had understood we'd have a different doctor - I couldn't remember her name but she was female. I guess that was somehow the magic word because then the nurse somehow assumed the issue I had with the male doctor was because he was male (not true, but I didn't correct her). So she checked with the scheduling team and told them I preferred a female anesthesiologist and suddenly we had one assigned to us - BUT, we would have to wait since they were on another case.

Ok sure fine. What's a little more waiting after all of this time anyway.

Well, it turned out to be a lot more waiting! Our surgery was scheduled for 3:10pm if you'd recall. They didn't usher us back to the pre-op area until about 4pm I think. And THEN, poor Callum wasn't taken back to start his surgery until 5:30pm!!!!

Kinda crazy stupid really.

Amazingly, Callum was A. TROOPER. For reals.

He complained once or twice here and there about being hungry but honestly, who could blame him?!? And when I explained we'd get to eat after seeing the doctors, he accepted it, said ok and went back to playing Plants Vs Zombies on his iPad. I was soooo glad he was soooo good!!!!

Once they took him back to the operating room (he hardly looked up from his iPad as they wheeled him off), Jon, my dad and I, all took off to the cafeteria for a bite to eat. We were also starving! ;-)

Callum's surgeon called me about 7pm - they had just finished up his surgery and everything went great! His port was in and his PICC line was out. No complications (no breathing issues, etc due to his cough). Yay!

It took him awhile to wake up, but by about 8:30pm he was chomping down his snacks and watching a movie. We left shortly after and got home by about 9:30pm. Phew!

Sadly, my day isn't quite over. Because all of this was drawn out so late, it sorta screwed up our evening schedule. Since I have to administer his chemo dose 2 hours after he's eaten dinner, and given how late it was when we got home, but how he still wanted to munch on snacks, I wasn't sure what I'd do. Ugh. So I finally decided to allow him to eat a bit more, till 10pm, and then give his meds at midnight. It's almost time, thank goodness, because I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.

Meanwhile, Mr. C is giggling away next to me, watching his movie and in a fantastic mood. He's discovered he has a few new marks on his neck and chest that he didn't have before, but otherwise doesn't seem to be too affected by today's marathon of events. I'll give him his meds in just a bit and then we are going to hit the hay! I'm just glad this little milestone is (finally) over!

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