Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back Home!

Callum's methotrexate level came back at 0.06 this morning so we were soon discharged and got home just before lunchtime.

We've spent the day tidying up the house, doing chores and taking care of some errands that I missed during the week.

Here's Callum, as happy as ever that we're home again, next to a new blanket that was given to us by a mom who was staying with her son in the room next to ours at the hospital.

I spoke with her a bit about her son's battle with cancer (this is a second round for them, he doesn't have leukemia but a rare bone cancer that has attacked his leg and unfortunately they're talking about amputation). :( Making these blankets is her way of coping and her husband's way of spreading joy to other families in our small "community". We continue to meet super nice people who are going through similar rough patches in life, and they are all amazing.

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