Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Callum's ANC has risen but only slightly (so he's still neutropenic), and the drs want to see an upward trend, meaning at least 2 days in an upward momentum. Can't say I was really surprised, but it does take the wind out of you when you hear the drs confirm the (depressing) news.

That's all to say I think cabin fever is hitting us more today than before. Poor Callum was begging me to go home earlier in the morning. We try to occupy our time with various activities, like beading more necklaces (this latest stint has definitely earned a handful of new beads!) and checking out the nearby fish tanks. But, no matter how much we try to do, we are still bored out of our minds. :)

Hoping tomorrow's ANC continues to rise so we can get the hell out of here!!

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