Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Callumisms and Loganisms

This was taken last night at the hospital, toward the end of Logan's visit, when they were winding down (or, at least, I was trying to get them to wind down!). ;-)

There were a few "isms" mentioned during this time which I thought were pretty funny....

Logan: I agree with Mom.

Me: What do you agree with me on?

L: He's [Callum] being way too loud.


Logan: Why are there so many commercials?!

Me: Because you're watching live TV.

L: Well I hate live TV.


Callum: Mama, it's dark outside. They [Logan and my dad] should go home and we should go to sleep.


And then today, after Logan got home from camp, he announced to me:

I gave Callum a dollar because he promised to be my best friend forever and crossed his heart too.


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