Friday, July 25, 2014

Big brother love

My dad brought Logan up for a visit yesterday afternoon which was really nice. The boys played board games and then watched a movie before my dad and Logan headed home for the night.

This morning, Jon brought Logan up for a visit. Logan really wanted to stay with us today (instead of going to camp). He's been missing us quite a bit, and we have missed him as well.

They're cuddled on the bed watching some TV right now and we're just waiting for the doctors to stop by for their rounds to see what today's plan of attack is.

Callum has continued to spike a fever as the Tylenol wears off which is worrisome but also seems to be par for the course (we had another long rough night where he spiked and couldn't fall asleep for a few hours). The doctors really don't know what's causing the fever but suspect at this point it's viral (since the fever hasn't calmed down with the battery of antibiotics he's on, and since all blood and urine cultures and stool samples have come back negative so far). They came in to do a nasal swab earlier this morning which will look for some tough viruses (and even things like the flu and cold), but even if we find the culprit, the same treatment would prevail - continue to hydrate, rest, monitor and manage the fevers, and wait it out.


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