Monday, July 14, 2014

Becoming quite the fish!

I was up in the air about keeping Callum's swim lesson today since he was scheduled for chemo, but when I asked him about it to gauge his interest this morning, he was super excited about going.

So, after our clinic appointment, we had lunch and then hung out at home for a bit before heading back out to his swim lesson. Each lesson he improves a bit more - and always has a ton of fun - it makes me think we may have a little fish on our hands! :)

Today, before class, he asked me when he'd pass onto the next level - I explained to him he'd need to show Mr. Albe that he could roll over from his stomach to his back, two times, on his own. While he hasn't mastered the rollover on his own yet, he's doing great with his back float (check it out - all on his own!)!

It's only a matter of time. ;-)

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