Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Passing the time

Every time the doctors or nurses see Callum, they're a little concerned with how raspy and wet his cough sounds. But, he doesn't have any signs of being sick other than this nasty sounding cough. The NP we have here recognized it seems to be an ongoing thing and so the doctor on rotation this week wondered if it's allergies.... So, we've started Callum on Claritin, in addition to the regular battery of drugs he's getting while in the hospital.

We'll see if it helps but I'm actually hoping that might be the cause - since every time I bring him in I feel like I'm getting judged as a terrible mother for letting my kid fester with some horrible cough and not doing anything about it. :(

Otherwise, our visit is the same as always and going well! Just hanging out and passing the time away. I have an agreement with one of the Child Life Specialists here to come up with some new and interesting activity for Callum each visit. Last time, you'll recall, she brought out the big guns with a bunch of paints and easel. This time she brought a sandbox for him to play in! And, while much messier to clean up afterward, he absolutely loves it. Another hit! :)

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