Thursday, July 24, 2014


We had a really long day yesterday but finally made it back up to Stanford. Got checked in, waited around forever for meds (since everything was still at El Camino!) and finally passed out semi-early.

Unfortunately, we were both restless most of the night and didn't sleep well. Callum due to his fever which kept spiking and me due to my poor guy tossing and turning. :(

Today is a little better now that we're finally settled in and the nurses have a better handle on getting his meds in on time. He's still feverish, spiking about 5 hours after each Tylenol dose which means to me the Tylenol is just keeping it at bay, but not much else. :/ a little bit of good news though, is that his counts from this morning have improved and he's (technically) no longer neutropenic! We can't get too far ahead of ourselves, since his counts could easily drop again as he fights this fever, but showing a small increase in numbers is definitely a good thing.

During the few hours after each Tylenol dose he's back to his old self, for the most part. So during those pockets of time we've been doing things like painting, which Callum has really enjoyed. :)

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