Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One more night

Well, we are still here. :(

I actually meant to post these two pics yesterday but ran out of steam last night and forgot. Today, I didn't take a single pic! So I guess I'm slacking more and more each day. ;-)

The first pic is of Callum helping Nurse Brynn draw his Hour 24 blood, which he likes to help out with nowadays. :)

The second pic is of he and I playing a little "bowling" with some hospital cups acting in as our bowling pins and my couch/bed acting as our bowling alley. The balls are these cool soft yarn like balls that my Aunt gave us to use for play during our hospital stays - both boys (since Logan came to visit both last night and hung out with us most of today) actually loved them quite a bit! ;-) Thanks Aunt Pammie!

A couple of hours after our Hour 24 mark, our nurse came into our room with a really sad look on her face, so I knew right away something wasn't right. :/

Unfortunately, she had missed the instruction in Callum's protocol which calls for an increase in his fluid rate (from 71 to 89) once chemo starts. Instead, she had left it at the pre-chemo hydration rate, which basically meant he got less fluids (432ml or roughly 14.5oz) than he should have gotten during the 24 hour chemo treatment. And, what it meant for us, was that it would likely take him longer than usual to clear. :(


So, to counteract that, the head NP approved an extra 350 ml bolus (basically an extra bag of fluids) yesterday evening to help make up some of the difference.

As it so happened, his Hour 24 levels weren't too bad, landing at 7.59 (methotrexate) and 0.4 (creatinine). So I don't know if the miss in fluid rate really made too big of a difference.

But, to help things a bit more, our head NP approved giving Callum another smaller 175 ml bolus this afternoon, just before his Hour 48 draw. :)

Sadly, our extra efforts weren't quite enough. I think EVERYONE thought he was going to clear tonight, but his numbers came back about 8pm and his methotrexate level was at 0.25. We need to be less than 0.2 to get outta here - soooo close!

So, another night we stay.

We'll draw levels again at 5am, so hopefully by morning rounds (roughly 9:30am) we'll have good news and get discharged.

Wish us luck!

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