Monday, July 14, 2014


I was supposed to return from leave today. But after a lot of discussion, Jon and I decided it would be best for us all if I quit and stayed home.

It was a little strange for me, when I gave notice. I've held a job most of my life, so being unemployed is an unknown concept to me! :)

On the other hand, taking care of Callum (and the family) right now is a full time job on its own, and is our top priority.

So really, I think of it more like reducing my hours and the number of hats I wear every day, every week. ;-) Now, instead of juggling two jobs and wearing myself thin, I'll have a chance to focus on the most important job of all (and perhaps gain back some sanity over time?!). One can only hope!

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Z said...

I think this is a great move Bree and all the Connally Shipmans will benefit - and you are such a dope manager that I'm sure any company would love to hire you in the future.