Friday, July 18, 2014

More swim!

Logan wanted to stay home with us again today so I signed him up for a swim class at the same time as Callum's lesson. I had to book it with a different teacher but he got a private lesson out of it which isn't too bad. And I'm very happy with how relaxed he's starting to look in the water here! (He has a lot of work to do still, but I'm seeing improvements!)

Sadly, the swim center had "an incident" in the other pool (I'm guessing a kid pooped), which they had to clean. So, the other pool (with the kiddie/play section in it) was closed. The boys were VERY bummed about not getting to play after their lessons (near meltdown status bummed), so I talked them into going to the new park Callum and I visited earlier this week, since it has a water feature which they could play in.

Logan was also very insistent about having a picnic. So, we ran home, grabbed a few more snacks (and Callum's antibiotics which I have to give him 3x a day - ugh!), ran to a nearby Mexican restaurant to get food (since Callum is a creature of habit and insists on a bean burrito plus chips and beans after every swim lesson), and then finally headed to the new park. Phew!

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